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September Artisan Market

Such a splendid day at Saturday's Colwyn Bay Artisan Market with Alice and her chums, quality crafts galore, live music and biscuity themed activities for all!!

Who knew biscuit bobbing was so much fun?!

Then there was the serious business of dunking with ‘dunk-offs’ at dawn moments and the results are in on the nation’s favourite biscuit to dunk…

It’s the old classic Digestive

With Chocolate HobNobs in at no. 2 and Rich Tea following a close 3rd!

Phew, so glad we got that sorted

Absolutely massive thanks to Together For Colwyn Bay for the collaboration and all their biscuit games, to the wonderful ‘Alice’ from Ever After Tales Events and Magic Light Productions for the hilarious ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘White Rabbit’ and to Tyler's Tales for the cool caterpillar!!

A huge thank you to the talented musicians and the incredible Artisans who work so hard on their crafts and to all of you guys for coming out and enjoying it with us!!

Bay of Colwyn Town Council , we thank you for your support of this artisan market, we’re extremely grateful to be able to continue bringing these markets to town.

And thank you to Georgia Colman & Olivia Cody for some fab photos of the day

We’ll see you all again for our special Halloween Market in Colwyn Bay on October 21st

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