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Bangor Local Market's Thriving!

Market lovers, locals, holiday makers and everyone in between… in case you didn’t know, we have a cracking weekly market every Friday on Bangor High St. in the centre of the city

With around 20 fantastic stalls selling lifestyle essentials and Artisan crafts & gifts each week, you’ll find everything from homewares, skincare, fresh produce, meat, cakes, fashion, music, cbd products, gourmet mushrooms, plants, phone & electrical goods, jewellery, vintage clothing, locally produced honey, goats milk soaps and more!!

And to top it off… we have THE BEST hot street food in town with a regular choice of Jamaican, Thai or Indian cuisine to tuck into on the market or to takeaway for your weekend treat!

So come and enjoy your Fridays with the friendliest folk around, support small local businesses and help your high street thrive!

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