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July Artisan Market

So Saturday’s Artisan Market was our 1 year anniversary and what a difference a year makes! We launched this time last year with 12 stalls, it was cold, grey and bucketed with rain from beginning to end! One year on and we had 63 stalls, blistering sunshine and nearly 30 degrees heat!

We’ve still not been able to put on the kind of event we always intended with live music and entertainment (I think we all know why!) But we’re just so happy that, in this difficult and strange year, we’ve been able to bring so much joy and life to Colwyn Bay and provide a much needed opportunity for the talented artisans to showcase their crafts and gain an income they so rightly deserve.

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the soaring temperature and came down in support of the Colwyn Bay market, it wouldn’t happen without you and you make all our hard work worthwhile!

Here’s to many more fun times ahead

See you all again on August 21st

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