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Our free range, ethical butcher

It's about time we had a shout out to our new resident butcher 🐖 from Snowdonia farm shop & butchery. Neil, our jolly master butcher, rears pedigree Duroc pigs, Dexter & Miniature Hereford cows, Welsh and rare breed sheep alongside goats, alpacas, quails and chickens on his farm in Snowdonia.

All free range and ethically reared in North Wales, without the use of chemicals, on the perfect grazing land, creating a beautiful ecosystem where farming & nature work in harmony together. Even using bamboo food packaging, he is perfectly in keeping with our eco ethos 🙌

He sells everything from the finest bacon & sausages, burgers, sausage rolls and THE MOST DELICIOUS scotch eggs! Regularly selling out, you have to get your order in quick!

Come and find him every Tuesday & Saturday on the local market and the artisan market too 🥓🥩🍗🥚🍔

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