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Summer Special Offer

Traders - roll up, roll up!

We’re celebrating the arrival of summer and putting on a special offer exclusively for new traders on our Saturday local market in Colwyn Bay. With school holidays on the way and the weather hotting up we anticipate an increase in footfall and would love you all to take advantage of this!

So, new traders (and anyone who joined us for the first time in 2022) you will get 3 markets for the price of one. We hope this deal will encourage new traders to join us, bringing in more shoppers which will benefit the market as a whole and, of course, the Colwyn Bay community.

Please head over to our website and apply via the form on the ‘sell your wares’ page if you’ve never applied before.

Offer ends August 31st.

For more info, email us at

We hope you can join us on the market

Please spread this exciting news and help potential new traders to be part of this great offer!

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