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Our eco policy

' Keeping North Wales clean and the planet green'


Maintaining an eco-friendly approach to everything we do is an ethos close to our hearts.

We aim to keep our markets a plastic free zone wherever possible and ask that all our traders remain mindful to our requests and keep their stalls plastic free. So no plastic carrier bags, straws, cutlery, food trays or packaging please! There are many more sustainable and biodegradable options that we urge you to use instead. Some eco alternatives for those items include bamboo, beeswax wraps, recycled card & paper, plant-based plastic, rice husk, wood, muslin, mushroom, seaweed and even edible cutlery!  ...The list goes on!

Click here for more innovative packaging solutions.



The most sustainable option is always a reusable one. Nothing is more eco-friendly than zero waste! So we urge our lovely market-goers to bring your own reusable shopper bags, coffee cups, reusable straws etc. whenever you can.


Thanks for doing your bit xx





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